As parents of a teenager, and owners of IPPD, (Institute of Personal and Professional Development) a counseling agency, Laketia and Lee Carrell, knew very well the frustration parents experience with defiant, angry teens. Daily they met parents who were  navigating severe challenges with their adolescents. Over the years they have helped hundreds of families.

In 2008 Kymone Hinds, a dedicated youth worker, was looking for a way to support families more effectively. Kymone met many parents who were struggling in isolation with their teens. Parents who either weren’t seeking or didn’t know where to find help until they were in the middle of a crisis.

Laketia, Lee and Kymone connected to develop a program that provides answers to the silent pain so many parents experience while parenting teenagers. That program is called Parents TrainUp (PTU). 

PTU has conducted training workshops across the US, created resources and provided group and individual coaching for parents of teens. Many parents have found the workshops to be educational, transformational and fun! The resources continue to inspire parents. The group and individual coaching has helped parents to develop better communication skills and stronger relationships.

PTU’s goal is to “turn the hearts of the children back to the hearts of the fathers” Luke 1:17. That is to restore and rebuild the relationship between parents and teens. PTU shares information, gives support and educates parents with better parenting strategies. Check out the free, insightful parenting assessment, weekly parenting blog, follow us on Facebook, and join the closed parenting group.

 It is PTU’s sincerest hope that your family will be one of the millions of families who will learn new parenting strategies that brings them closer together, and yes change the course of the next generation in the family.

Meet LaKetia

LaKetia Carrell is the CEO of Parents TrainUp, founding president of the Institute of Personal and Professional Development, and licensed counselor with over 25 years of therapeutic experience. With a commitment to strengthening and building families, LaKetia works with children, adults, families, churches, organizations, and corporations and is proficient in dealing with issues such as ADHD, OCD, depression, sexual abuse, and more. LaKetia has also written many published articles and her book, Becoming.


“It is my belief that as human beings, every one of us has issues that we struggle with. All of us need a helping hand at some point in life. The answer to your specific problem depends on you more than the problem. Your beliefs, personality, character, and environment all play a part in finding the correct solution. I do not give you an answer to your particular issue or problem; I direct and assist you in finding the answer for yourself.”



Lee is a speaker and educator with over 20 years of experience in giving public presentations. Lee has an interest in educating parents on ways to keep their teenagers safe. There are no guarantees of total safety in this world! However, there are steps that we can take as parents to empower our teens to make wise choices. Lee enjoys sharing with parents the importance of the God-given impact that a father can and should have in a child's life. "I want to share with fathers and other male role-models various ways to let your teens know that you love them." 

Meet Lee