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At Parents Train Up, we know very well the frustration parents experience with defiant, angry teens. You’re not alone! It happens to all parents. Our family-oriented programs provide answers to the silent pain many parents experience.

We offer online parent training sessions and workshops that are educational, transformational, and fun! Individual and group coaching help parents develop better communication skills and strengthen relationships with their children.

Click on our services tab to see how we can assist you in finding peace as a parent. Together we can change the course of your family’s relationships!


Meet LaKetia

LaKetia Carrell is the CEO of Parents TrainUp, founding president of the Institute of Personal and Professional Development, and licensed counselor with over 25 years of therapeutic experience. With a commitment to strengthening and building families, LaKetia works with children, adults, families, churches, organizations, and corporations and is proficient in dealing with issues such as ADHD, OCD, depression, sexual abuse, and more. LaKetia has also written many published articles and her book, Becoming.


“It is my belief that as human beings, every one of us has issues that we struggle with. All of us need a helping hand at some point in life. The answer to your specific problem depends on you more than the problem. Your beliefs, personality, character, and environment all play a part in finding the correct solution. I do not give you an answer to your particular issue or problem; I direct and assist you in finding the answer for yourself.”


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