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LaKetia Carrell is a speaker, author, social worker, and CEO who is committed to strengthening and building families. As the CEO of Parents TrainUp, founding president of the Institute of Personal and Professional Development, and star of her own television show, Pumped Up Parents!, LaKetia is a resource creator who has produced training for groups, individuals, parents, and teens via seminars, coaching, and consulting. With a master’s degree in Education and over 25 years of therapeutic experience, LaKetia is an expert in powerful talks, invaluable coaching, and practical workshops that help families succeed.

Keynote and Presentation Topics:


Developing Spirituality in Your Teens

Participants will become aware of parenting practices that may hinder their teen's relationship with God and gain skills that create and promote spiritual growth in the home. Parents will learn to encourage teens to be self-motivated in serving and worshiping God.


Developing Excellent Communication with Teens

Parents will learn to recognize destructive communication patterns that may exist between them and their teens. The workshop will teach parents how to increase communication and decrease conflicts with strategies and techniques for positive communication and healthier relationships.

Parenting Teens with Attention Deficit Disorder/Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Parents will become proficient in recognizing symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder as they become skilled in avoiding power struggles, de-escalating conflicts with calming techniques, and preventing unnecessary conflicts.


Encourage Excellent Behavior with Teenagers

Participants will learn to increase excellent behavior and decrease poor behavior in their teens. Parents will gain knowledge of their own behaviors that may contribute to their teen’s misbehavior, and the workshop will provide master parenting strategies to help extinguish poor teenage behavior.


Managing Teens who have Experienced Trauma

Parents will recognize the indicators and symptoms of trauma in their teens and become proficient in validating their teen's experience while learning communication methods to prevent further trauma.

Organizations LaKetia has spoken for:

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