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Free Parenting Assessment

Do you ever wonder what type of parent you really are? This free, quick quiz will pinpoint your natural parenting style. In less than 4 minutes, you will gain insight into how best to relate to your child based on your specific parenting methods.


Proven parenting strategies and techniques are available!

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Parenting Coaching

Our Parenting Coaching is a dynamic blend of education, training, and hands-on practical exercises offered in individual or group packages. In our three-month or six-month plans, parents will have access to video sessions, worksheets, and email support that will help them quickly acquire an expanded skill set, learn to identify behaviors and strategically channel those behaviors in a positive direction.


We offer parenting consulting services to organizations, churches, and corporations with our expert diagnostics, seminars, presentations, and sound parenting advice. Click below to learn more!

Parenting Seminars

Our parenting seminars are energetic, engaging, and enlightening! Parents will learn through lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities in our three-hour or six-hour seminar. Sign up here!

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