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College Tuition: Who's Responsible For Your Teen's Future?

"She didn't go to one class all semester. We gave her a charge card, and she bought her boyfriend clothes with the charge card." This was the testimony of one parent.

Another parent complained that her daughter demands to attend a very expensive university. She wants her daughter to go to a much less expensive Christian school.

Eighteen-year-olds and college-aged students present a quandary for parents.

Schools don't release any information concerning young adults. However, they send every bill to their parents. In the heat of the moment, parents make big financial decisions and mistakes. Here are five strategies to help avoid major financial mistakes:

  1. Remember you have choices.

  2. Starting in Middle school discussing their future and college is not too soon.

  3. Be clear on what you will and will not pay for before they are seniors.

  4. Be honest with them and yourself. If they can't get homework completed at the free high school, that probably won't change when they attend an expensive college.

  5. Remember, your future is at stake.

For more information and support join our closed parenting group at and search for 'parents train up! Take the, What’s My Style Parenting Assessment, and receive more strategies to help you support your teen. Remember to check out our Instagram page!

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