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Parenting 2023 | Heroes and "Sheroes"

It's all we've heard about for weeks, and it will probably be all we hear about for the next few months. It is sad and frightening - the Corona Virus. Everybody is scrambling for answers!

People are responding by stocking up on foods, sanitizing materials, and paper goods. Store shelves are bare. Some call it hoarding, but is it hoarding if you need what you buy?

People are speculating on what the long-term outcome will be.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, a national crisis, a crisis with no end in sight. One thing about a disaster, it shows us who we are collectively and who we are on the inside individually. We can project whatever image we want when everything is going well, but when disaster threatens our livelihood or our very lives, how do we respond?

There are the blamers; blamers will not take responsibility for anything. They point fingers at everybody else for the smallest things and shift their liability on to others. They live in a hell all of their own making and draw others into their mess. You can't depend on them for help. If they ruin a job, they won't accept responsibility and move on; instead, they cast blame, create enough chaos, until they are banished from the group. Somebody else will have to clean their mess. They create more of a mess than help.

The planners are capable people. They are those who will organize this crisis. They will logistically plan every detail. However, planners forget that a high level of emotion is a core characteristic of a disaster. In their attention to detail, they ignore theirs and everybody else's feelings; and they are baffled that loved ones complain that they feel ignored.

What about procrastinators? They know they are facing a disaster, but find themselves focusing on minor issues, cleaning the kitchen, instead of preparing for future problems. You may find them gardening when they feel that first tickle in their throat. Denial is another way to describe procrastinators. It's as if because they believe nothing terrible is happening then nothing terrible is happening. They realize their mistaken belief, too often, too late.

There are the opportunists. I read where a young man bought all of the toilet paper, and sanitizers in his small town and all of the small surrounding cities; tripled the price of the items and sold them to people. Some will call his actions admirable; he acted on an opportunity. Others will call his behavior wicked and ornery, taking advantage of others in dire need for personal gain.

There are the lawless; they thrive in the chaos of crisis. Already individuals, companies even, have set up scams. They are waiting for innocent, desperate people to fall into their trap. They have already got information out to desperate business owners, single mothers, and elderly individuals. Ready and willing to make emotionally devastated, physically weakened, and financially broken people's lives worse. All so that they can make money!

My father used to say, "A lie will get up and go all around town before the truth can get up and put her shoes on." Scams are big lies and travel at the speed of light..

Some are just greedy. Greedy people were the first in the stores. They were cleaning out all of the supplies and food they could carry. There was no thought about anybody else at all, just themselves. A friend stated on social media, "I saw little old people hobbling into the store asking those leaving if there was any more toilet paper."

There are unprepared people. I think most fall into this group. People who are bewildered by what's going on. The severity of the situation sinking into minds slowly and slowly making preparations, just in case the country has to go into lockdown mode for the next six months. Trying to adjust feelings and thoughts as the seriousness of the situation gets digested.

There are the heroes and "sheroes". These are people who attend to crisis daily. We don't think much of them, until a personal crisis, like the coronavirus, causes our lives to intersect. They are doctors, nurses, policemen, ambulance workers, pharmacists, and researchers. They are behind the scene workers; they continue to work so that our lives can seem normal during the crisis.

These "sheroes" and heroes stand out more now than ever! Every day they put their lives on the line so that we can enjoy peaceful living. It is so apparent in this crisis, every minute they serve the public, puts them and their family members at risk of grave illness and death. Selflessness at it's best. Will a man lay down his life for his friend? These seem to be willing to do it for strangers.

Let's take a little time and reflect on our reaction. To which group do we belong? Will we emerge from this crisis better as individuals, family members, neighbors, cities, and as a nation? That's only possible if each of us determines to be a "shero" or a hero, individually daily. We must resolve to practice selflessness... at it's best.

Thanks to all of the "sheroes" and heroes!! I especially thank my sister and son in law, who are on the front lines risking their lives to fight for the lives of others. My prayers are always with you!

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