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Three Step Learning

Teaching children is easy and fun. Parents make it unnecessarily difficult. From birth, children are learning. You can actively guide your children in their learning, or let them haphazardly learn. It's much more fun when parents participate in their children's learning!

Step 1

Children are inquisitive. Following their lead and answering their questions makes teaching them easy. Hands-on experiences are exciting and fun! Try not to use force when you're teaching your child. Relax and enjoy the process.

Step 2

Engage children's natural interests. Move at their pace. Let them determine, especially in new experiences, how quickly they want to move. So try not to approach learning in a hurry. Instead of attempting to teach a lot in one big setting; teach a little in many small settings.

Step 3

Complete involvement. Sweet success for everyone. The child walks away with joy and happiness, you walk away having taught your child. Both walk away with more confidence in themselves and love for each other!

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