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Let’s Take Inventory

Let’s get a jump on the New Year. Let’s take inventory of what we’ve accomplished. No, not just the big things, those are important, but it’s the little mundane things that count. These things are what life is made of and make our lives infinitely better if we just do them.

So here we go:

  1. Did you smile more?

  2. Did you thank others more often?

  3. Did you give just a little bit more?

  4. Did you volunteer this past year?

  5. Did you eat better?

  6. Did you try to eat better?

  7. Did you visit friends?

  8. Did you create something pretty this past year?

  9. Did you enjoy your home more?

  10. Did you go outside more?

  11. Did you take a trip?

  12. Did you meet new people this past year?

  13. Did you solve some problems?

  14. Did you thank God for the problems you had?

  15. Did you sit with a grieving friend?

  16. Did you visit someone in the hospital this past year?

  17. Did you share a conversation with a child or teen?

  18. Did you take a long drive, to look at pretty scenery?

  19. Did you laugh with others?

  20. Did you attend church this past year?

  21. Did you pray?

  22. Did you acknowledge answers to prayer?

  23. Did you giggle at silly things?

  24. Did you plant a flower this past year?

  25. Did you Live?

Have a Happy New Year

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