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Graciousness: Let's Bring it Back

Some years ago, I read this news article. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl, who wore an “inappropriate” dress to a school dance. The dress had no sleeves and the teen’s shoulders were bare. A chaperone made her cover the dress. The teen wore a coat all night.

The teen reported that she bought the dress in Paris, and she was disappointed that it was covered. I felt her pain: she picked out the perfect dress but wasn't allowed to wear it uncovered. The mother was upset that the chaperone made her daughter put on a covering.

I commend all the individuals and the school for excellent behavior!!

The sixteen-year-old gets kudos, for submitting. In this day and time, that incident could have been a big argument and fistfight. The teen could have insisted on having her own way, but she didn’t. She was gracious and graceful!

Her behavior was awesome!! You go girl!!

The mother was rightfully upset, the school’s rule is that there must be straps on dresses that have to be at least two inches wide. The teen’s dress satisfied the school’s rules. On that fact alone, the mother could have had a big hissy fit. I haven’t heard yet that the mother is suing the school, cursing the powers that be, fist fighting the overzealous chaperone or taking her daughter out of the school. She expressed her disappointment, and nothing more.

Kudos to you Mom!! I see where your daughter gets her gracious attitude!!

The chaperone, as overzealous as she was, stood up for what she thought was right. Too many adults are standing by watching teens doing wrong, and the adults do nothing. Meanwhile, teens are becoming worse every moment.

I give a nod to you chaperone! Next time make sure that you check the rules!!

To the school, a big KUDOS!!! It is awesome that a school has a dress code and enforces it. It’s great to know there are schools out there helping parents instill morals and ethical values in their children.

Keep the rules in place in schools, someone has to!!

Grace is almost a lost art. In today's age, rough and rude behavior has quickly become the norm. No one seems to promote brotherly love: a "me and mine first" attitude is prevailing everywhere. Meanwhile, graciousness is relegated to the sidelines. Just because society is embracing rudeness as the new norm, doesn't mean that we and our teens have to follow it.

Here are three tips for promoting graciousness in our teens.

1. If you want gracious teens, be gracious yourself. It starts at home. Having an unforgiving attitude, surliness, and selfishness will take root in the hearts of your teens if you practice these behaviors consistently before them.

2. Affirm teens when they exhibit graciousness towards others.

3. Minimize any rude behavior. Too often parents spend too much time magnifying poor behavior. Magnify the good behavior, minimize poor behavior!

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